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The Streamfriends Youtube channel has over 500 hours of footage, with more being uploaded on a frequent basis. Below is a list of links to the games featured on the channel to date, roughly sorted based on the length or type of broadcast. 

Deep DivesEdit

Games played over multiple streams or for an extended period in one sitting.  

Swift SamplesEdit

Not necessarily "short" in the traditional sense, these are mostly one-offs or part of larger streams.

Special FeaturesEdit

A Hearthstone A DayEdit

Join @pkollar and a rotating list of guests as we feed his addiction to Blizzard's new Warcraft-based card game, Hearthstone.

Dylan x John vs. the InternetEdit

@John_Carson & @dylanhecht play fighting games LIVE on the internet with YOU! And lose a bunch while doing it.

Raising Vana'dielEdit

Join @dylanhecht on an epic quest of magical adventure: fatherhood. Fatherhood of a chocobo, that is. In Final Fantasy XI.

@bleatingheart Edit

Janine's Youtube presence includes several relevant videos, such as:


Janine does cool things, often with input from other Streamfriends.

20+ Years of Sailor Moon 

DIGIMOON (Good Game Charity Stream)

Let's Chill Out in Proteus

Raising Tamarind Highlights (Animal Crossing)

Tomodachi 101 Edit

Hey! We're playing Tomodachi Collection for the DS (NOT Tomodachi Life for the 3DS) to get familiar with the series before Tomodachi Life is released in English.

Austin dance