SkrattyB, moments after securing the first victory for DxJ by beating Dre to death with a flashlight.

Dylan X John Vs The Stream Friends is an ongoing blood feud between the cast of Dylan X John vs The Internet and every other stream associated with Phil Kollar.

Despite the fact that this is indeed a blood feud, there is a high probability that none of the other streams know they are involved. 

First BloodEdit

First Blood was shed on October 4th, 2013 during the JudgementDre "Infestation: Survivor Stories" stream when DxJ regular SkrattyB beat Dre to death with a flashlight in game.

Current ScoreEdit

Dylan X John Vs The Stream Friends: 1/0

The Stream Friends: 0/1

  • Judgement Dre (Defeated)

The Uncertain FutureEdit

Rumor has it that when Dylan X John Vs The Stream Friends defeats each Stream Friend in a to-the-death fight it will be the final sign heralding the brutal and bloody return of Zathog .