Inspired by this video, during Summer Games Done Quick the Streamfriends community created Drizzy Kong: a hypothetical mashup of Drake and Donkey Kong, the softest Kong in the game. A lengthy list of Drizzy Kong's friendly and generous attributes was compiled. An attempt was made to have Drizzy Kong's magnanimous donation to Doctors Without Borders read on-air, but due to repeated interference from an extremely rude speedrunner only the first half of Drizzy's inspirational message was read aloud.

The intended message was: "Drizzy Kong thinks you should slow down and appreciate the work put into the level design. But also thinks your dedication as speedrunners is just great. And Drizzy Kong definitely thinks you should save the animals."

Drizzy Kong thinks this is okay, he understands that the runner's explanations are more important, even though he's kinda disappointed about it.