Dark Scale

"D.A.R.K.s stands for Damn Awful Rating for Kollar stream"


During the Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness episode of Judgement Dre, host Andrew Swan decided to begin rating games in comparison to the notorious vampire-stealth game DARK.  Items listed on the scale can score anywhere between -1 DARKs and 1 DARK, with -1 representing a fun game that is the antithesis of DARK, 0 representing an average game and 1 representing a game that is truly as horrible as DARK.  As of yet, no game has scored higher than 1 DARK. Exceeding the 1 DARK threshold could theoretically bring about the end of fun as we know it.


Games/Items scored on the D.A.R.K. Scale in order of their terribleness:

Dinner Date: 0.8 DARKs (because of that rad dinosaur comic, yo)

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine: -0.8 DARKs

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness:  0.45 DARKs

The OUYA: 0.5 DARKs


Sonic the Hedgehog (2006): Keith rated this as critically 1 to 1.5 DARKs, but personally -.275 DARKs

Sonic Generations: -0.7 DARKs

Sonic Spinball: 0.2 (but not in Dre's heart. In Dre's heart, it's a -0.5)

Infestation: Survivor Stories: 1.5 DARKs. This was the first game to receive over 1 DARK

Legendary: The Box : 0.35 for gameplay, -1 for fake store names (NOT Sonic Chronicles)

No Time to Explain: 1.25 DARKs

Sonic Chronicles is not a game on this list, and thus cannot be scored.