Khan YeWest

Austin Walker's Chewbacca, Khan YeWest.

A Chewbacca is an alien species from the universe of Star Wars, they are known for their great ferocity and fighting skills from the back of a speeder bike. In their native language of "Ill Rap" the word Chewbacca means Honored Friend, as such Khan YeWest is considered an honorary Streamfriend.


The Chewbacca people hail from the planet Kashyyyk where they are known for their treetop yodelling. While in their culture it is considered a mark of insanity to use their natural claw weapons(1d6+4 damage) in combat they will straight up cut anyone who crosses them on the harsh streets of Rwookrrorro. During the Clone Wars the Empire enslaved the Chewbaccas but with the blowin' up of the Death Star and the Death Star: Empire Strikes Back they found themselves freed. Han Solo's best friend was a Chewbacca named Wookiee.