The Streamfriends look at a wide array of games and offer thoughtful or peurile commentary live on Twitch several nights a week. An archive of organized and edited videos can be found at (Youtube).

There is no fixed schedule, but the Streamfriends channel on Twitch is generally home to several streams each week. These broadcasts range from one-time glimpses at games to complete playthroughs of whatever catches the Friends' eyes, and also include regular features like #JudgementDre. On a given stream, viewers can expect commentary on the games industry, hashtag humor, references to old jokes (jokes jokes), in-depth discussions about labor rights, chats about mental illness, or anything in between. 

So won't you be a(n honorary) Streamfriend, too? Archive Guide

Legend has it that a treasure trove of Phil and friends' many broadcasts can be found deep within a vault in an obscure corner of the internet. That legend is wrong, because isn't obscure at all! It's been ranked #1 site on the Whole Entire Internet by Alexia for the past three years in a row. 

If you'd like to find a specific game that's been streamed on the Streamfriends family of broadcasting apparatuses and subsequently uploaded to Youtube channel, click here.  Or here:

List of Games at

Regular Programming

Dylan X John Vs The Internet: New Age of Salt

Yo Fighting Games!!

Hearthstone a Day

Phil plays Hearthstone sometimes.



Andrew Swan agreed to play any game bought for him during the 2013 Steam Summer Sale for a minimum of two hours.

Scribblenauts Very Limited E-Free Run

Janine and Austin want to play this digital download with the handicap of not using a thing that sounds almost "Ys." 

Tomodachi Collection

This is the story of Streamfriends living in the same apartment complex. What happens when they stop being polite and Janine starts invading their dreams?

Recent Streams

Links go to the raw Twitch archive videos. These are sometimes split into pieces or unavailable due to Twitch gremlins, but are generally quite watchable. 


Dark Souls II Co-Op with @andrewleeswan & @austin_walker!

Dre's stream

Austin's stream (Part 2 )


Full Throttle

Nick (@drevilbones) and Kelsey (@kelseyr713) take us on a joyride to the mid-90s. 

Moebius: Empire Rising (Part 2)

Phil and crew continue the thrilling adventures of Malachi Rector and his new friend, ex-soldier David Walker.


Moebius: Empire Rising (Part 1)

Meet Malachi Rector. He's... weirdly proportioned. Also something about antiques and FILAs?


Always Remember Me (Part 2)

Okay so #keithwasright, but it'll all work out in the end... ?

Overcast: Walden and the Werewolf

Nothing gets one into the holiday spirit like a burning cross.


Always Remember Me (Part 1) 

Phil and Andrew begin young Amarantha's quest for love and meaning in a cold, uncaring world. Also, VOICE ACTING SHOWCASE.

Guild Wars 2 (Part 1) (Part 2) 

Nick teaches the finer points of class warfare.


4-Lung Boy

Video Heroes

A fantastic double-feature with @drevilbones.

Earlier This Month

#JUDGEMENTDRE: Bad Rats Sonic Spinball (4/17)

Titanfall in the Evening with Austin Walker & Friends (4/15)

Viscera Cleanup Detail with Frisbie & Dylan Hecht (4/14)

Skyrim with Art (@atebbel), Austin, and Janine

Elder Scrolls Online (4/6)

Dark Void with Nick, Austin, and Janine (4/6)

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