"PhD Candidate in Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario, writing about games, labour, & culture. Research Associate for the Digital Labour Group."

-Twitter bio

Austin Walker is a grad student with a chip on his shoulder and a hole in his pocket. When he isn't spouting off about historical materialism and critical posthumanism in a paper, he's here on Stream Friends, spouting off about historical materialism and critical posthumanism. He streams a wide range of games, from indie life sims to triple-A first person shooters. Somehow, the latter turn out way weirder than the former.

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Super handsome and everyone loves him.

Quotes (alphabetical by game)

Where did all my cyberpunk gifs go?

I'm not anti-cars!

That's the dream, an E3 wedding.

Bone it down, light it up.

(to Phil) Sorry for clown-shaming you. That's not appropriate.

I've never seen StreamFriends chat SO SALTY. - Always Remember Me

I'm comin' for you, adverbs! - Always Remember Me

This isn't the worst thing I've ever seen... - Bad Rats [quickly retracted]

I like babies! - Bulletstorm

If I like a thing, deep down I probably think it's a bad thing. - Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Is bequeathing the best way to hit on girls, Jack? - Crusader Kings II

(as audio cuts out, in chat) THE REAL DARK SOULS BEGINS HERE. - Dark Souls II

Man, witch + cleric, y'all basically the fantasy odd couple rn - Divinity: Original Sin (chat)

We're vampire hunters now, y'all. - Dwarf Fortress

I put a chokehold on this vampire. This game's all right. - Dwarf Fortress

No one will tell me who the ruler is...probably because I keep murdering people. - Dwarf Fortress

Oh, good, they bled to death. - Dwarf Fortress

I wish you'd said it looked like real nice dicks. - Enclave

Speaking of leaving our spaceship somewhere...does anyone remember where I parked? - Expat

We could be watchin' The Wire right now. There a billion things we could be doing that are better. - Face Noir

(to Hanh) You're gonna find out that you were always a fine captain. In your heart. - FTL: Faster than Light

Austin "Papa Bear" Walker - FTL: Faster than Light

Autocorrect has ruined my trenchrun more than once...if you know what I mean. Wink. - Jedi Academy

This is a disaster. A beautiful disaster. - Magical Diary

This is more people of color than I've seen in a video game in a long time. Oh wait, they made me shoot a bunch in Watch_Dogs. - Magical Diary

Is it wizard Christmas? - Magical Diary

Phil: We know for the future that if you give a blowjob to a strawberry, it lowers your stress. / Austin: All about learning,here on StreamFriends. - Magical Diary

Pancake summoner. The first thing that's made me want to be at this school in months. - Magical Diary

Wait, who left the fuckin' back door to our house open, you sons of bitches?! - Minecraft

(watching the Paranormal stream from chat; reacting to Kelsey's screams) I had to close my window because I was afraid [someone] would think I was hurting someone.

It's a puzzle why we're playing this. - No Time To Explain

If he's a secret vampire, I need you guys to buy me a pizza. - The Order: 1886

Maybe we'll find some good blood graffiti later to fill in the story. - The Order: 1886

Phil, we're gonna get kicked off Twitch. - The Order: 1886

At this rate, this is gonna take us twenty hours. - The Order: 1886

That was a weird reference to something actually interesting. - The Order: 1886

This game cost money on the Internet. - The Red Solstice

StreamFriends is like the word "fuck". - The Red Solstice

(in-game chat directed at the player GetYourWetWipes) We elected you. This platoon is democratic by god. - The Red Solstice

This is why I don't buy socks on the internet anymore. - Rock of Ages

Some people get things, I ACQUIRE things. - The Sims 3

Janine: Where'd all this paper come from? / Austin: Staples. - Slender: The Arrival

Keith sounds like an apple truther! - Spintires

I had to deliver a postcard for Lando Calrissian. - Star Wars: Conquest

[winky face] - Velvet Sundown

Keith: Do windows count as doors? / Janine: No. / Austin: Hang on, let's hear him out. - White Noise Online


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Austin's website, Clockwork Worlds

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A(s)century, Austin's first Twine game.

Waypoint Editor in Chief of Waypoint (Vice's Gaming Journalism Site)


Did you know the background he uses for pretty much all his websites was made by Sijun's forums member Sparth as part of the 2010 forum's monthly theme "Squares Technique "? 

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