Andrew is very excited about life.

Andrew is the host of #JudgementDre, Training Day, and a Baldur's Gate 2 LP. He originally appeared on the stream as Phil's erstwhile partner for the original Bro-Op playthrough of Dead Space 3. Drunk Andrew is a wonderful person and one of the nicest you'll ever meet. Wants warez babys. Andrew is also the mayor of Fucktown, USA (Population: 1).

"HigherEd, gaming, social justice, & sports tweets. Coordinator for #PennState Orientation. @UMMorris & @WKU Alum. Proud 502 native #L1C4. Tweets are my own."

-Twitter bio

Andrew — nicknamed "Dre" by Austin — has been playing and thinking about video games since he was three. When he and Phil met in college, their shared love of books, games, and being bros sparked a long-lasting friendship. Andrew streams a variety of games, but is known for his "Judgement Dre" series in which he plays mostly bad games for two hours straight.

-StreamFriends bio


For some reason, Andrew has been given a lot of nicknames. These include:

  • ObiSwanKenobi (Twitch/Steam/XBL username)
  • Dre
  • Dre Dre
  • Dre Deuces
  • Dre 3000
  • Dre Day
  • Dre Dawg
  • The Master of Education 
  • Swandre the Giant
  • SwanDre West
  • 50 Shades of Dre

Quotes (alphabetical by game)

This took a turn somewhere.

Who gave me this fuckin' game? - Bad Rats

(in the graveyard district of Amn) Let's see who else's sorrow I can interrupt. - Baldur's Gate II

I wanna murder someone with a rainbow! - Baldur's Gate II

I don't wanna grab a vampire's teeth. - Dwarf Fortress

I think I broke Garshasp. - Garshasp

This pizza is my destiny. - KOTOR

I gotta go buy a watermelon tomorrow. What am I doing with my life?! - Little Inferno

Buckets is actually the herald of Galactus. And that's Galactus shooting a long two from Mars. - NBA2K15

My fucking kingdom for a life bar! - No Time to Explain

Wanna rock me like a sock-a-cane? - Rock of Ages

I'm using "happy elbow" as a euphemism for boners foreeeeeeeever. - Rock of Ages

Okay, my Tomo life could be worse. I could have a dinosaur costume. - Tomodachi Collection



At the beginning of the Steam Summer Sale, Dre Dre made a very ill-advised challenge to viewers of Phil's stream: He would stream any game gifted to him during the sale for at least two hours.


Andrew on Twitter

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